TOP 5 Battery Saver Apps for Android

While smartphones are considerably getting more advanced, it can seem as though battery life is one of the areas where the improvement is not so great or so frequent. Which means for many, daily battery usage remains an issue. If that sounds like your Android experience, then it is worth knowing that there are a number of apps which do look to improve the level of battery life you are currently getting. Here are ten of the best currently available battery saving apps for Android.


Starting off the list today is Greenify and this is an app which will not need much of an introduction to some Android devices owners, and especially those who like to root their devices. That said, this is one which can be used by both rooters and non-rooters alike. Greenify offers a good level of tweaking and even comes with some advanced features which look to further take advantage of Android’s own Doze feature.


Battery Doctor is exactly that. An app which looks to identify where your device has battery draining issues and cure those issues. As such, this one will show you which apps and/or services are draining your battery and look to help you limit their access and further draining. As well as providing some nice tweaks for improved and regulated charging, as well as providing you with information like an estimation on how much battery you currently have left.


Avast is already a popular option for many people who want to regulate and control various aspects of their smartphone and the Avast Battery Saver looks to provide the same sort of service to your smartphone’s battery. In a similar vein to Battery Doctor, this one will provide more detailed information about what is consuming your battery and help you to regulate the actions of those apps and services.


Unlike some of the other apps on this list, Battery Optimizer & Cleaner offers a number of added-value features beyond just the battery. So this one will provide you with options like cleaning the memory to help improve speed and also the ability to monitor your mobile data usage, as well as all the battery saving tricks you would expect.

Now, this is not an app which gets updated regularly, however, if you own a smartphone or Android device which makes use of a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, then this might be the battery app solution to go for. This is a Qualcomm app and is one which looks to learn your habits in more detail (over a seven-day period) before looking to actually help you better optimize your phone and of course, your battery consumption and usage.